Air Compressor Size Buying Guide

Purchasing air compressors is very necessary and it is also a great idea as they are very ideal to be available for many using purposes of the family. This machine can be used for air wrenches, spray guns, pressure cleaners, air nail guns, and many other machines and devices you might have at home. In fact, the size is always an important thing to concern when you decide to purchase an air compressor. The first thing you should know and pay attention to is that before purchasing an air compressor, you should determine the type of work and purposes you want to use the air compressor for as well as what type of air tool you will use. Users will surely want to have an air compressor that provides them with proper air power because the one that does not meet the criteria of the air tool you will use together with the air compressor will not be able to work properly.

Air compressor is highly appreciated in CFM (cubic feet per minute of output at the certain pressure of the tank), pressure, and horsepower. Before purchasing an air compressor, you will also need to determine how much air your device (air-powered tool) requires so you could buy the air compressor with the least requirements. You do not need to buy a too powerful machine if a smaller size, lower energy one can definitely satisfy your purpose.

There are 3 major sizes/types of air compressor available based on the working purpose and the power you need.

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1. 2-Stage Air Compressors:

This type is the air compressor which compresses air to storage with 2 pistons. The duty of the first piston is compressing air and pushing it through a checking valve which goes to the 2nd piston. The 2nd piston will be responsible for compressing the air even more and storing the air in the tank. These heavy-work 2-stage air compressors will provide users with great power. These air compressors are mostly used for the duties which need a continuous air supply for longer time periods.

2. Single Stage Compressors:

This type of air compressor has just one piston, and it will compress air to store in a tank with that piston. The single stage air compressor is usually on smaller compressors which get a rating of pressure per square inch (psi) below 150 pounds. This PSI amount should be relatively equivalent to the demand for the family’s using purposes.

3. Compact Air Compressors: 

This is the most portable and also the smallest air compressor available in the current market. A compact compressor is unique in that it does not have there is no storage tank in the structure of the machine. It just continuously “runs” to supply the air. This machine is great for powering the devices you might use in your home, such as small spray guns, glue guns, or be used to pump basket or soccer balls and even the tires.

Other things to know and pay attention to is that when you buy an air compressor, you should determine what maintenance requirements of the air compressor and what power sources will be available are. For remote works, you should opt for purchasing a gas-powered air compressor. If you have an electric outlet near your working site, you might want and need to opt for an electric powered air compressor. As for frequent maintenance, you should be aware that if you purchase an oil-lubricated air compressor, you might have to replace the oil in a regular basis to keep it working well any time you need for any home purpose of your own.

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