Applications of 12 Volt Air Compressors

There are many types of air compressors that are currently sold widely on the market, depending on your need mainly. If you need an air compressor for a bicycle or a car, you will actually need to pick up a mobile 12 volt air compressor. Often, air compressor can be considered as a “lifebuoy” for you when you are on the street in where there is not mechanic shop, and this will also make you feel secure when you are on a trip with the family.

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12 Volt Tire Inflator Or 12 Volt Air Compressor?

These 12 volt air compressors can be broken down into 2 separate categories: inflators and air compressors. It is very crucial to distinguish these 2 kinds of air compressors.

The 12 volt air compressors are a lot more powerful than the 12 volt tire inflators. It can power a small wrench or a 35-inch tractor tire with east. Most of the air compressors on the market have enough CFM & duty cycle and the max PSI of 125.

The 12 volt tire inflators are designed to insert into the power socket to pump up tires, mattress, or balls of just small cars and bikes. If you want to search for these inflators online, they are also called “12 volt inflator pumps”.

Your 12 volt compressor can work for you with many small tasks, from pumping up a football to inflating tires of lawn-mower to the bike. However, the most common task that this type of air compressor can do for you is saving you from the troubles of getting your car tires blew up in the middle of the nought.

Most of the customers’ complaints are revolving around the noise of the compressor when it is working. In addition, the 12 volt air compressor is designed for portability, so the length of the cable and the air hose is relatively short. Finally, you will need to give preference to the air compressor with the pressure gauge that is simple-to-read in order to adjust the pressures in the car tire easily, only in case you over fill them with too much air.

It is needed for your 12 volt air compressor to be certified by the ASME – the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This organization can help to ensure that all of the air compressors which were released under the overhaul have progressed security features which can protect the users from the hidden harms.

People who are fond of all-terrain and love the off-road vehicles commonly use 12 volt air compressors for their off-road demands. New progressions in the air compressor technology has allowed for the adapters’ production that allows the air compressor to be charged or powered using the lighter cigarette of the vehicle. The 12 volt compressor and the adapter themselves are very  accessible and handy equipment – perfect for users who needs compressed air yet do not have access to an electrical energy source in which to supply power to their 12-volt compressors.

Other than off-road and ATV lovers, 12 volt air compressors can also be made use for separate tasks or jobs. Separate attachments can be found availably online or in any local store for home improvement, and these attachments allow the air compressors to work around the house. Compressed gas can be used to energize the spray guns, wrenches, staple guns, nail guns, and practically any kind of tool which uses air that you may have in mind.

Many do-it-yourselfers and homeowners have purchased 12 volt compressors for their separate demands. Nevertheless, other people who do not use air compressor regularly can rent one in the improvement stores in their locality. Again, you should buy just the air compressors which have been certified duly by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers so you can be ensured that you are not purchasing substandard devices which have not been tested for safety and quality.

12 volt air compressors work just similarly to other devices and machines in their field. Perhaps the single separation just lies on the energy supply and the power of the air emitted by the air compressor. Certainly, there are many industrial powered compressors which release industrial power compressed gas while there are many other portable and handy air compressors, such as the 12 volt compressors which release the amount of compressed air suffering for the daily use.

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