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Why should you trust the ElinerVN freelance team a TRUSTFUL and PRESTIGIOUS article writing service provider in Vietnam?

article writing serviceElinervn is a prestigious freelance article writing service provider in Vietnam. We will offer some writing examples in many types, such as articles, blogs, and even press releases for PRweb with high quality, perfectly matched basic requirements of the site below this writing. Thus, all of customers will be able to understand more clearly about how Eliner article writing service works and how the quality of the outputs provided by Eliner is before choosing our services. These writings and articles were used by many domestic and international Marketing pros, and they also have helped our customers a lot in achieving certain success, leaving us many positive feedbacks.

  • The price we offer is very competitive and reasonable compared to other article writing services in the current market all over the world.
  • The output you receive will be extremely fascinated and attractive for readers, as well as matched all basic SEO form standards.
  • The unique rate would be 100% (the fundamental requirement for the unique rate of an English article coming for the SEO purpose is just 85%) to ensure your article would be considered completely new as it would be checked by Copyscape (the best current unique checking tool).
  • Of course, all articles will match with every basic grammatical standard at the best level.
  • Once the articles are completed, they would be moderated once again by the leader team of ElinerVN before being handed to you.
  • We use “abundant” article writing style, attracting readers and make them purchase products the most natural way. This is quite an important key in an article to be able to compete with the current world market.
  • We give clients the most useful advice, appropriate for every article in order to achieve certain accuracy.
  • As a prestigious freelancer brand, we will refund the amounts of money you spent for an article if you find out in it any fundamental mistake, or if you do not receive the posts on time as previously agreed.

ElinerVN Article Writing Service – Prices At A Glance

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* For Simple Articles And Blogs (Editing)

– Two Stars: 1.1 cents/ word (0.9 cents/word for an order of at least 10 articles)

Could contain spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes

– Three Stars: 1.6 cents/ word (1.4 cents/word for an order of at least 10 articles)

Quick order processing, average-quality writings

– Four Stars: 2.2 cents/ word (2.0 cents/word for an order of at least 10 articles)

Very good quality, most popular quality level

– Five Stars: 6.5 cents/ word (6.3 cents/word for an order of at least 10 articles)

Professional-quality writing ready for use

* For Press Releases (for example, for articles published on PR Newswire) and E-books – depending on agreement

* For Testimonials: $5 per testimonial (100 – 200 words)

* For Guest Posts: Only from $20

Promises From Eliner Article Writing Freelance Team For The Quality Of The Outputs:

  • Brand new, well-written, and 100% unique content
  • Written on the required keyword/topic according to the exact needs of customers
  • Free information about any blog or article marketing directory (If needed)
  • Match SEO form and standards – The keywords provided by customers would be put throughout the article, in the title, the first and the last paragraphs in a conversational way
  • Finish in the least time period as possible – Within just three business days or less!
  • Ghostwritten – all rights would be given to customers!
  • 100% Copyscape and 0% plagiarism approved!
  • Good grammar, attractive writing style, and abundant vocabulary would be used to ensure the best quality for the outputs.
  • If you use the writing services that ElinerVN provides, then you will be able to recevice the writings within a very short time period as long as you contact and make a specific agreement with us. You can contact us via:
  • The official email address:
  • Or skype ID: elinervn