Vietnam travel guide – best things about traveling to Vietnam

Rich biodiversity, dramatic landscapes, world-class cuisine, and buzzing cities give Vietnam a unique and specific character: from the capital city of Hanoi up north, to the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City down south. Vietnam community is one of the most resilient peoples in Southeast Asia. Vietnamese people have absorbed influence noticeably from their former colonizer France as well as their huge neighbor in the North – China. Echoes of the Vietnam War (also called the American War) still reverberate, but it is more important for Vietnamese people to look forward instead of dwelling on the past.

Maybe you have seen it in the background of several war movies, but you still cannot prepare yourself well for the epic beauty of this country. While it is not actually the best country to visit in the world, it still has its own unique beauty that no one can deny at all. Vietnam has a lot of things to satisfy tourists, from the natural beauty of Halong Bay and Sam Mountain to the man-made artistry of the sacred pagodas and temples. A lot of tourists either hate or love it here because it is relatively difficult to travel through the country, but despite all of the challenges, almost every tourist still find Vietnam an extremely interesting place to visit.

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1. Vietnam Travel Guide – What To Buy In Hanoi:

There are many interesting things that tourists can buy in Hanoi, such as:

  • Housewares and Ceramics
  • Luxury Goods (Real and Fake)
  • Lacquer Paintings and Cloth Paintings
  • Bamboo and Rattan
  • Products of the Ethnic Minorities
  • Souvenirs
  • Embroidery
  • Do Paper
  • Lacquer Ware
  • Silk and Clothing

2. Vietnam Travel Guide – Typical Costs:

Activities: Many attractions in Vietnam are based on its own natural beauty and thereby, it will take you not too much money to visit and see the sceneries. For organized trip; for example, Cu Chi tunnels tour will allow tourist to expect to pay just $5 USD. Hanoi to Halong Bay tours will cost just from $24 USD for a trip within 2 days and increase exponentially depending on the time and activities.

Transportation: Travelling by bus in Vietnam is very cheap.  As an instance, the public bus around Ho Chi Minh City just take tourists $0.15 USD or less. Besides, travelling by train is another affordable way to travel in Vietnam. Tourists just need to pay $26 USD for a 791km long train trip from Da Nang to Hanoi.

Food: By having meals in the markets and at street stalls, you will be able to get a bowl of Pho or a rice dish with just $1 USD spent. Eventually, if you want to opt for a meal in the restaurant, it is also inexpensive as you just need to pay around $2 to $4 USD for a relatively ideal meal.

Accommodation- Hostels will take you about $6 USD and around per night. You will need to pay about $18 USD for a double private room in average.

3. Vietnam Travel Guide – Money Saving Tips:

– Bargain hard – Visitors tend to be charged more than local people for every service, from street food to cyclo trips. Bargain harder than you would ordinarily, and do not underestimate the mean of walking by yourself.

– Take the tourist bus – It is much cheaper for tourists to take the bus service to travel around Vietnam than taking local transportations as the price for the “tourists” would be very high.

– Late-night travel – If you decide to take a long journey, try to take the late night train or bus because this will help you save the money you might need to spend for one night in an accommodation.

– Street food: street food in Vietnam is usually delicious and attractive, really cheap and you can even watch how it is preapred and cooked right in front of your eyes. Stick to the local foods and you will be able to save much money. The street-side sandwich, Pho, and banana fried cake are some of the best choices you should try.

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