11 Tips To Give An Air Compressor A Long Life

Now that you have chosen an air compressor for your needs of running all of your air tools and now you want to increase its longevity so that you can have a good service for longer. If you really want to learn how to keep your air compressor up and running well, then this article is perfect for you. Like with many other mechanical tools, you do not have to deal with daily upkeep. Nevertheless, you will need to perform regular maintenance to prolong the life of your air compressor.

Due to the standard handyman’s air compressors do not typically require daily upkeep, it is very simple for users to forget about them and skip their upkeep. This might be a money-consuming omission so it is very important for you to keep in mind the following tips to maintain and extend the long life of an air compressor.

Like the human heart, the air compressor‘s life and functionality relies on many parts connected to it. Therefore, what you need to do is focusing on these things, even the smallest details.

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1. Clean the Heat Exchangers:

If your heat exchangers are dirty, then they cannot function well, which is to decrease the air compressor’s operating temperatures. Therefore, you should clean the heat exchangers on a regular basis so that you will be able to keep the operating temperatures of your air compressor down and also increase the longevity of the whole machine.

2. Maintain The Separator Element:

The aim of this element is for minimizing the use of oil by the air compressor. It is a great feature but you need to replace this element every 1000 hours or more in almost every compressor. You owner’s manual will have this information if you need.

3. Tighten All Of The Nuts, Bolt, And Screws:

Since the air compressor runs hard and tends to vibrate a little bit, the fasteners will become loose. You will need to check them out on a regular basis and tighten any of them carefully so that you find which of them is loose. Especially, this tip can ensure that you will have a quite-running air compressor.

4. Replace The Oil:

If your compressor uses oil (some air compressors are designed as oil-free ones), check it every day so that you will ensure that the oil level of your air compressor is always perfect. Many people choose changing the oil of their air compressor every 500 hours of use or more

5. Clean The Fuel Tank On a regular basis:

This is another life preserving bit of maintenance that will help to make sure that your fuel tank of any buildup is always clean. This will be another maintenance tip for an air compressor aiming to extend the life long of this machine.

6. Do Not Forget To Monitor The Air Filter:

Just like you need to keep the vents clear to ensure that the air compressor will be able to operate at its full efficient level, you should also keep the air filter free of buildup. A dirty air filter will force your air compressor to work much harder than normal, and this will degrade its working function and even the longevity over time. The best thing to do is changing the filter every 6 months or you can depend on how much and how often you use the air compressor.

7. Clean The Intake Vents Regularly:

By cleaning keeping these vents on a regular basis, you will not be forcing your air compressor to operate too hard to supply air. This can also lead to the compressor breakdown in its working parts over time.

8.  Read The Manual Carefully – The Most Critical Of The Maintenance Tips:

I know it is not the thing which can make you like to do but this is actually one of the most important tips to prolong the longevity of your air compressor. You will find things in there that you did not know about that may be very important to maintain the compressor and ensure that it will work well always. The other reason to pay attention to the manual is that you will be able to clearly get the requirements which are needed to keep the warranty good and what you should not avoid and forget to do if you want to maintain the good functionality and prolong the life of your own air compressor.

9. Make Sure You Drain The Water Which Has Built Up In Your Tank:

This tip will allow the moisture to escape from your air compressor and it will just take minutes to implement. The tank gets the moisture from compressed air and it is vital for you to drain it regularly. The air pressure built up in the tank should be initially released and then you can open the drain valve.

10. Pay Attention To The Hoses Because They Are Actually The Lifeblood Of The Air Compressor:

When the hoses become cracked and worn, it will result in stress on your air compressor. you should pay attention to the hoses of your air compressor, and if it is needed, you need to replace the hoses as soon as you see the corrosion.

11. Test the Safety Shutdown System:

This is the last but not least tip on how to increase the life span of an air compressor that you should not look down!
Your air compressor might have a built in safety shut down. The function of the shut down system is shutting off the machine if the engine’s oil pressure is too low or whenever it is getting too hot. Implementing this test on a regular basis will help you ensure a longer life for your own air compressor.


By following exactly all of the 11 tips I gave above, you will be able to ensure a longer life span of your air compressor, and the machine you own will even go faster and work better. A good set of maintenance habits for air compressor is always necessary, so do this regularly for a smoothly running machine.

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