DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty Review

Purchasing an air compressor is actually not simple at all. Therefore, I this article was born aiming to introduce a brand new product which can satisfy your need – an optimal air compressor with a lot of great features and functionality.

As the name suggests, the DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty compressor comes with 2 special features: work quietly and is capable of implementing heavy duty. This product is produced to give customers higher quality services and better performances.

This air compressor is sold at just $227.00 because Amazon is offering a special discount for this product. Therefore, when buying this product, you will be able to save $235.70 (save 51% compared to the regular price – $462.70) and without paying any penny for shipping fee. Is that a great deal for you? So try it right today! If you still concern about whether or not this product worth this price, you should read the following information.

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Should you buy it?

It will be actually a smart choice for you as its use can be done for a lot of wonderful reasons besides your main working purposes, including:

  • If you would like to use the DEWALT DWFP55130 for any hobby or work purpose, you do not have to concern about the pollution in the released air.
  • You can not only use it to clean the dust from the furniture, but also can be used to  scrap old paint from wood, metals, and walls
  • You can use this machine to refill your tires as long as they are deflated

Therefore, DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor with its wonderful features is a worth purchasing air compressor. This product is highly recommended as a best air compressor to purchase that can be used for both your hobby purposes and work purposes.


  • It has ball valve drain that can allow the tank to get easy drainage.
  • It is extremely portable and durable
  • Filters dust oil, and other pollutants from compressed air
  • The product comes without air sanders’ heating tension.
  • Compressed tank of 2.5gal and 200psi.
  • Pump speed of 2,300rpm.
  • Power supply of 120V.
  • It has light weight with just 20.5” length, 12.5” height, and 16.75” width and the compact design make it very easy to be moved around and stored
  • Dual quick couplers to support 2 nailers with ease
  • Control panel and roll cage protect the most important compressor components
  • Compressor can be stored/operated in either the horizontal or vertical position
  • Low 71.5 DBA helps the machine run much more quietly (tested per ISO3744) thanks to the oil free pump
  • The design of this products gives performance to run as many as 3 finish nailers at once

Pros Of The DWFP55130:

  • The producers provide customers with a 1-year warranty
  • This is self-recharge compressor
  • The product has an extension cord so that it can work in remote corners without concerning it a tedious task
  • Refilling of the tank can be done super-fast
  • It can be used in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • DEWALT DWFP55130 can be carried and moved around with comes with a handle
  • DEWALT DWPF55130 can work with lower level of noise compared to other machines in its field
  • The machine can clean the dust from tables, chairs, furniture cushions, and items that you want to clean off dust
  • The product provides users with maximum speed comparatively to any other air compressor with 200psi in pressure
  • This machine is capable of pumping power up to the tank 15 times quicker than any other compressor at the same type.


Reviews for the DWFP55130 are generally favorable with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. This is made more attractive by the fact that most of the bad reviews are just about the appearance and the design of the machine – an actually not serious matter, so it really does not pose any serious problem in terms of important features. The best feature about this device is the low noise level and the proper size so that the machine can be moved around and stored with ease.


The price at which they are obtainable is currently just $227.00 – a very reasonable price for anyone who is looking for a well-functioning, high quality air compressor with long durability. Try the DWFP55130 right today and you will not need to pay any penny for shipping fee! Catch this chance as quick as you can!

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