Raffles Institution Secondary School – the overview

The Short History Of Raffles Institution Secondary School

Raffles Institution (RI) in Singapore is an independent school that offers an integrated 6-year programme known as the Raffles Program, for exceptionally talented and gifted girls (aged 17 to 18) and boys (aged 13 to 18) since 2004.

Raffles Institution (RI) is a secondary school that now mostly serves the affluent segments of the population in Singapore. It is also at risk of turning into an island, covered by the glowing list of sporting and academic achievements of the students studied here year after year.

There are some harsh words that came from Mr Chan Poh Meng – the principal of the school, in a speech in front of several former and current students and staff of the Raffles Institution Secondary School.

Speaking to students and staff of the school in the 192nd Founder’s Day ceremony, Mr Chan, who has become the principal of the school since the end of 2013, said that RI has been accused as an elitist, a charge that no one, including him could deny. He is also a former member of the Raffles Institution Secondary School.

On the eve of its 50th birthday, Singapore has been successfully building up a system that the whole world population admires. However, fissures have appeared during the process, one of which is the deteriorated meritocracy that in the past Singapore has been lauded for.

On Paterson Road, the Raffles Junior College was established in late 1981 and started running in 1982. Before being established, Raffles Institution provided a 6-year educational program from secondary 1 to pre-university 2. The establishment of the Junior College on 4 January 1982 marked the end of the Raffles Institution’s post-secondary educational program when all the classes of pre-university were moved to the brand new college.

Developments In The 1980s And 1990s 

Raffles Institution Secondary School is the first school under the government’s management to get its own independence. In mid-1990, this school moved to its new campus at Bishan from Grange Road. The five-storey-high clock tower is a highlight architectural feature of the Bishan campus.
In 1984, along with Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, the Raffles Institution was chosen by Ministry of Education to be introduced with the Gifted Education Program for secondary students. In 1987, Raffles Institution Secondary School is considered independent, but because almost all parents, teachers, and alumni wanted to ensure that the school remained a top institution accessible to the kids of working parents, this decision was deferred till 1989.


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