Wall Gun Safe – The Best Choice For Gun Owners In The Current Market!

A gun safe is actually an important solution to the storage and safety concern for people’s firearms. Nevertheless, some of the gun safes that are currently promoted in the current market are stand-alone ones that attract attention to their existence. If someone who have some knowledge sees your gun safe and they can prepare proper tools, then you might be disarmed without knowing it.

Looking For Hidden Safe For Your Guns? Try Opting For A Wall Gun Safe

No matter what your real purposes are, the storage and size factors are something you would like to take into account when you buy a hidden (wall) safe for guns.

If you really do not like any common gun safe that is promoted in the current market, and if you want more storage, then you really should try a wall gun safe.

What I mean is to try a hidden wall gun safe, and you do not have to buy the gun safes that are too big, even with the size like a refrigerator.

In this entire article, you will see clearly why wall gun safe is the best choice for you today when it comes to buying a gun safe. It has a lot of amazing advantages that you cannot skip at all!

I. Pros Of A Wall Gun Safe Compared To Other Types Of Gun Safes

  1. Flexible And Plentiful

When you have got a wall gun safe, then you have got one of the most concealable and fastest ways to keep the firearms safe inside your house. Wall gun safe can come with almost every capacity, every size, and with any type of lock that users want. The modern wall gun safes in nowadays can be even equiped with biometric locks. This means users can quickly put valuables in a safe spot or store firearms away from the thieves when they have to go out from home.

  1. Modern Tech Applied

However, with all of this security in place, users can still own a key override that will allow them to access to the safe in some emergency situations. It also has external battery packs if users use an electronic lock for their wall safes. This way, everyone in the family can open the secret gun safe on the wall when they have a concrete need.

  1. Fire Proof And Fire Resistant

Even though the wall gun safes would be installed inside the walls, many of them are either fire proof or fire resistant. These safes can be as heavy duty as users desire them to be and many of them are even harder to open than the normal ones. As they are bolted to the wall from the inside (or they should be at least), a wall gun safe is very hard to be removed and it offers some extra protective power against the damage of the flood damage whenever it occurs.

  1. Easy To Hide

Wall gun safe can help people save the space and area of the entire house as it will not appear with size and shape as a huge box. Thus, it is also good at hiding, helping to protect the guns better as it will not attract the eyes of any suspect.

  1. Simple To Install And Use:

The last benefit of an wall gun safe compared to other types of gun safes in the current market is that it is rather simple to install and use (this will be mentioned in the last section of this article). People will see that most wall gun safes have an installation template so that every user just need to strictly follow the steps in the instructions from the producer and often install the safe successfully after just 1 – 2  hours.

  1. Functionality Of Wall Gun Safe

1. Hidden Safes For Your Guns

  • This type of wall gun safe is among the best solutions – against burglars – because they cannot be easily exposed or realized. For even more discretion, if users want, to make their gun safes look like the wall, they can hide it behind a cabinet, get an interior designer, or even just place a mirror on the wall.
  • Actually, wall gun safe is built into the wall.
  • That is right: wall gun safe is hidden from any possible thief.
  • One of the most amazing, greatest features that the wall gun safe has is the fact that it can be

2. Ensuring Your Gun Is Safe

·        It is obligatory to have a good safe for guns, and people do not need to purchase a costly gun safe: always remember that online, in shops, and in the market, there are hundreds of various types of gun safes for customers to choose, for any budget and need.

·        People sometimes just simply hid the guns in the closets, under the bed, and in drawers. A wall gun safe will help to stop this carelessness stuff.

·        It is also concerning that there are so many choices for gun owners to choose a right gun safe, and all gun owners need to be aware of the fact that a simple wall gun safe should be on top of the selection as it is small yet very durable to protect the guns from being stolen or damaged.

·        Wall gun safes are the proper things that can help to hide not just the firearms, but also cash money, passports, and jewelry – like any other type of safe.

·        It should be concerning that we usually come to know that many people in the U.S are still keeping guns without any safe place to preserve them – so the main function of a wall gun safe can act well for these people – a new safe and private place to preserve the guns.

·        Anyone who owns a set of guns needs to consider buying a wall gun safe. It will help to protect the guns not only from the thieves, but also from children and non-responsible ones.

·        The guns need not to be accessible to kids, guests, and, particularly, to the burglars – another reason for us to choose this product as it is really good at hiding.

·        Do not forget that each and all gun owners have the huge responsibility of preserving firearms properly.

III. Ease Of Use And Install

Wall gun safes could be a useful way to hide away precious properties in a safe place. In fact, it is very simple to install a wall gun safe at home and anyone can do this with ease. Nevertheless, if users install the wall gun safe incorrectly, the thieves can cut out the safes without meeting any difficulty and will steal the guns right away. Just by following 3 simple steps below strictly, people will be able to have a secure and safe place to preserve guns and any other valuable.

Step 1: Determine Where To Install The Wall Gun Safe

The most useful way to ensure that a wall gun safe is totally secure is to install it where the wall could support the weight of the safe, but where it will not be realized with ease right in a few seconds. An office location or a closet is simple to be noticed, but their positions are also easy to be predicted. You should place the gun safe behind a painting of any room, in the basement, or next to your bed instead.

Step 2: Using A Wire Location Device

Before you use the template provided to saw into the wall, check the wall for any wire’s location. No one wants to saw through any electrical cable that is still active, right? To ensure that the wall gun safe would be between 2 studs as desired, you just need to use a stud finder with just some simple manipulations.

Step 3: Fasteners Installing

If users use lag bolts to affix their wall gun safes to the wall, then they would need to drill some holes previously for the fasteners. Lock fasteners often only need a nut driver to be installed properly. The instructions for installation would allow users to know all above the necessary tools they need to prepare. After that, users just need to position the safe between the studs, securely fasten it, and put the guns inside. That is all you need to do and the result would be great!

A quick tip: Most wall gun safes have a face flange that would overlap the hole that you have cut out of the drywall. When users are measuring thing to cut, avoid measuring from the flange yet just measuring from the box inserted into the wall instead unless the hole people cut would be oversize and the wall will not be able to support the gun safe.


A wall gun safe is worth an investment from everybody, but people need to keep in mind that most of the gun safes are made of thin metals so that they are easy to be accessed by a thief. Many of wall gun safes are not useful for those having long guns to be stored. Wall gun safes are actually perfect for keeping kids from playing with your handguns or valuables (a wall gun safe can work effective as any safe for the family, not only for gun saving). It is suggested that you should get a wall gun safe if you want to store anything valuable because it is better in hiding compared to other types of safe. You should also remember that wall gun safes are not waterproof so be careful when using it.

What To Look For And How To Buy A Right Wall Gun Safe? 

When you decide purchasing a wall gun safe, then in order to install your own safe, you would need to do a few things first. Ensure that you know the right and proper location to put the safe as a wall gun safe is relatively costly to be moved into another position, not like other types of safe that you just need to lift and move them. If you decide moving the wall gun safe into another position, then you will need to cut your wall again. First and foremost, you will need to decide the wall of the house that you would use to install your gun safe. After you determine the spot, then you will need to get all the measurements to install the safe, so do it carefully and exactly. A wall gun safe would be relatively heavy as it need the proper weight to preserve the gun at its best, so you should be men or call a trustworthy man for help (such as your husband, if you are a woman, of course!)

There are several brands of wall gun safe in the current market, but there are some tips for you to choose the perfect one that fit your needs the best. Answer these questions and you will be able to choose the best wall gun safe without making any mistake:

  • What brand is most used and trusted in the current market?
  • Read some testimonials and customer reviews before purchasing any wall gun safe. Reading testimonials will help a lot when people purchase any item as the reviews and testimonials from other customers are honestly praised or
  • You want a wall gun safe that is chargeable or battery operated? Or just key and lock or a combination access code?
  • Who will you want to be able to access the wall gun safe except you?
  • Do you like a biometric kind that could scan your fingerprint for simple access or just the mechanical kind?
  • Will it be fireproof or waterproof?
  • Can the safe allow you to access quickly in emergency case and when it darks?
  • How heavy your safe would be as desired? And how thick you want it to be?
  • Where to hidden the wall gun safe in your house?
  • When purchasing a wall gun safe, you need to initially determine the kind of gun you have, the size you desire, and how many guns you will want to put in the safe?
  • Do you have any kid?


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